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To the question "How would you react if after a solution you cannot return to your home, though some would probably return", put to the refugees in 1975 in a survey carried out by Takis Evdokas, they replied as follows: 17.0% I will fight those who signed; protests, demonstrations, uprising, with force, guerrila war. 5.0% I will commit suicide, I will suffer a heart attack, I’ ll be a physical wreck. 15.2% This cannot be, I will not accept. 2.8% I will emigrate. 25.1% I will feel bad, I’ll be bitter, I’ll cry, I’ll be disillusioned. 2.8% I’ll endure until I go too, I’ll wait.3.9 % I don’t know how I will counteract. 8.0% What can I do, I will not counteract. 5.3% I’ll be happy even if only half return rather than none let some return, I’ll be happy because the refugees will be less; let as many as possible return. 2.6% Seriously thinking I will take a decision, it does not matter if it is not very just; if the government says it is right and cannot do otherwise.
6.5% If proper compensation is given to those who stay I will not counteract. If the state will help me to relocate I will not counteract. 5.8% Nothing matters to me; I am disinterested; hate and other. 100% Total .The majority of the refugees about 70% reject a solution that does not foresee the return of all the refugees.



Cyprus Post, Republic of Cyprus
Κυπριακά Ταχυδρομεία, Κυπριακή Δημοκρατία




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