The map appears in the edition of Ioannis Janssonius and Henricus Hondius ''Appendix Atlantis'' , published in Amsterdam two years after the original publication of this map in the second volume of Willem Blaeu's opus , ''Atlas Novus'' published in 1635 in Latin , German , Dutch and French. On the back of the map appears a description of Cyprus in Dutch with the title ''Het Eylandt Cyprus''. This copy of W. Blaeu's publication is different only in minor details like the name of Nicosia changed to Nocosia. Dimensions of page 383 X 510 mm. The map is printed on a hand-made white paper. The original margins are saved. Black printing ink. Language at the back: Latin and Dutch. Decorative elements: the figure of Aphrodite drawn by her swans at the lower right corner .