Paphos castle has been a declared Ancient Monument since 1935 and a UNESCO World Heritage List monument, along with other monuments of the archaeological park of Paphos, since 1980. It is located in the harbour area of Paphos town and its main role was to control the gateway of the port and provide defence against any hostile troops. Most scholars agree upon the mid-/late-14th century as its date of erection by the Frankish ruling family of the Lusignans, despite there being no solid and reliable testimonies regarding any fortification works carried out between the earthquake of 1222 and the invasion of the Genoese in 1373. Its importance lies in the symbolic meaning as the most prominent and dominant archaeological monument of Paphos and therefore it is considered a landmark for tourists and the town itself.


Photograph of Paphos Castle (14th century)
Photograph of the Castle, Paphos, Cyprus (1940-1965)
Photograph of the Castle, Paphos, Cyprus (1940-1965)
Photograph of the Castle and the port of Paphos
Photograph of the Medieval Fort, Paphos, Cyprus
Postcard, Fortress of Paphos, Cyprus (1936)
Postcard, Paphos Catle and Harbour, Cyprus (1953)
Postage stamp of Paphos Castle, ΕuropaVisit Cyprus, Commemorative Issue (2012)
Postage stamp of Paphos Castle, Europa Castles (2017)
Postage stamp of Kyrenia II in front of Paphos Castle (1984)