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This project deals with the development of an Audio System (an amplifier and a five band equalizer) suitable for car use. A number of different circuits were
carefully studied and considering their specifications and some modifications made. Some circuits were selected with some criteria. After the selection, the +ve film
and the p.c.b. were developed, the components were located in the appropriate locations and a test was followed to carry out all the different response of the
circuits. A +12V/-12V and +lSV/-lSV supply is also constructed and tested in order to complete the needs of the project. The characteristics of the circuits used are:
a. An Audio Amplifier 2 x 20 Watts
b. A five band graphic Audio Equalizer
The project also includes:
The appropriate explanations and specifications of each the different circuits of the audio system.
A brief explanation for the components used in the circuits, considering their use and their characteristics.
The characteristics of the lcs used, their internal circuits, and some other applications that are given by the manufacturer. A complete testing of each of the two circuits. It is almost certain that if someone reads this project will gain a lot of experience and information that are good to know.


Higher Technical Institute
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