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Objective: This study is about the development of a web-based user guide intended to give assistance to people interested in assembling a personal computer or finding information about computer hardware in general.
After a short research through the internet we acknowledged the lack of such a tool with a user friendly approach. The product of this study is an easy-to-use tool that should provide sufficient information and enough guidance for a computer illiterate user to completely
assemble a computer without any expert's help.
Method: The system provides the user with the very basic knowledge concerning computer hardware, necessary for the user to continue and choose from lists of hardware parts of each kind (compatible parts only).
Also gives an average price of the listed products so that the user knows the approximate cost of a P.e. with certain specification.
User is then ready to follow the multimedia guidance, and be instructed step by step until the parts are assembled to make a fully functional computer.
Results: The system created meets almost all the basic requirements and objectives set in the beginning of the study. Ease of use and user friendliness requirements are fulfilled. The system is tested and seems to respond velY
well with all the commonly used internet browsers (Internet Explorer 6+, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape Opera and Apple Safari).
Conclusion: The tool produced will hopefully help users with some or no expertise gain the capability of assembling a computer on their own. This
can save the user money and time and maybe introduce a student to a very large and useful field of know-how and expeliise.


Higher Technical Institute
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