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The need of people to have options in their lives is the reason for the huge development of technology. Steel design of structures is one option the human needed, therefore it has developed it.

Steel has several advantages instead of concrete. These are:
1. A steel structure can be finished earlier than a concrete one.
2. A steel structure costs less than a concrete one.
3. A steel member can be loaded more than a concrete one of about the same section e.g. a skyscraper can not be made of concrete because of the big loads and the concrete can not resist and withstand it.

Despite the advantages, steel has one disadvantage. This is
1. Steel has less fire resistance than concrete e.g. the twins (skyscrapers in U.S.A) had been collapsed due to the high temperatures generated from the explosion and did not gave adequate time to the people in order to evacuate the building.

Steel frame buildings consist of a skeletal framework which carries all the loads to which the building is subjected. The sections through three common types of building are:
a) Single-storey lattice roof building (truss)
b) Single-storey rigid portal
c) Medium-rise braced multi-storey building
These three types cover many of the uses of steel framed buildings such as factories, warehouses, offices e.t.c.
The building frame is made up of separate elements-the beams, columns, trusses and bracing. These must be joined together and the building attached to the foundations.
Buildings are three dimensional. These frames must be propped and braced laterally so that they remain in position and carry the loads without buckling. Various methods for analysis and design have been developed over the years. All design is in accordance with the limit state design code BS5950.


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