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She Quantity Surveying profession and the construction industry
Sire in a constant state of change and right so. Standards do not
ptiange, but methods of achieving these standards need to be
Hm&tantly reviewed. Modern technology offers many solutions for
lis purpose and Quantity Surveyors should be using these
•hods, not only for the better and more extensive service they
§j|il be able to perform, but also to ensure that the Quantity
rveying maintains his place in the construction team. In the
Ifcure, they are those who control information who will be the

jihough all Quantity Surveyors estimate, historically it was
yjf the larger contractors with central computing services
lg large computers and able to develop their own programs
establish the use of computers in estimating and Quantity
itveying. With the availability of smaller computer wider use
computers in Quantity Surveying began to develop. There were
3' main reasons for this. The first was the availability of the
teller cheaper computers meant that the Quantity Surveying
partment could afford its own machine. The second was the
pliability of interactive programs, meant that the programs

at became available were operated by the Quantity Surveyors at
'l^isual display unit keying in his instructions and receiving a
|Sponse on the screen. This gave the Quantity Surveyor direct

control of the computer calculations and remove the
intermediaries of data processing managers and computer

Having identified the extend of the Quantity Surveying software
products Quantity Surveyors start using computers to get a
particular job because computer knowledge in this field is a
demand of industry and an important mean to maintain leading

Quantity Surveyors objectives are to give the client what he
needs in time, cost and quality and for them to make a profit in
the process. These objectives are applied better using
computers, for computers operate more cost effectively and
improve profitability.


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