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The purpose of this project is to create a CASE (Computer Aided Software Engineering) tool. The system to be developed will operate under the Windows[1] environment. It will be a single user and the platform will be that of a standard PC.
Case tools have appeared a few years ago and are very useful to analysts and programmers. A lot of companies have tried to develop such tools but the cost and time required for this has resulted in creating tools with operations of limited scope. The approach to this CASE tool will certainly not deal with so much details as products in the market do. It will only provide some basic operations which facilitate the work of computer scientists and will be used more as a prototype.
The purpose of this CASE tool is support the Booch Object Oriented method. Specifically the system will provide the facility to it's users to create object, class, process and module diagrams. These diagrams as well as their functionality is discussed further in later chapters of this book. Another service under consideration is that of generatingcode from the diagrams. Specifically the object diagram will be used for creating the code that concerns the objects. The code to be generated will rather be a template and not actual code. The basic objects for creating windows applications will be automatically
created as well as the definitions of the objects created by the user. The last part is the screen generator which seems to be a task that will not be satisfied because of the time limits.


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