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In a few years from now every task or job will be performed through computer devices. Having this in mind I decided to choose this specific project which involves both, manual and computer designing.
At the beginning of my project I was not exactly sure about the final result and I was a little bit frightened. These feelings though, were vanished completely as soon as I began the work and I found out that I was actually enjoying it.
My work was to try to develop a computer program, using
specific language(Fortran), in order to analyze Plane Trusses.
The purposes of my project were apart of learning the theory of structures involved (Stiffness Method) and to develop programming skills in Fortran but also to get more familiar with the computer use for the reasons mentioned above.
Closing the summary I would like to say that my main concern was to present my work in such a way and order so that even a person who does not have an idea of what a truss is, how it is analyzed, what is Fortran and its main statements, can easily understand exactly and clearly the work done.


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