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I do not remember what was the stimulus that made me desire to learn more about telecommunication. Nevertheless, this is a very wide field and the thing that interested me most was the dumb modem.
I decided to describe a dumb modem because it is not as complex any intelligent modem and thus, its operation can be untderstood easier than any other type of modem. In addition, dumb modems offer facilities that no intelligent modem can. On the other hand people prefer intelligent units because they use a microprocessor and thus, all software packages are available. However, not having an internal processor has many advantages.
I admit that the 'clever' modem is easier to use, but the dumb modem is more reliable, cheaper, easier to build and simpler to modify for special functions such as an amateur radio, a car-phone etc.
I begun this project by determining and describing the theory of telecomputing. In fact, the basis of the operation of the modem is this theory. Then I described the operation of a simple dumb modem, whose most important part is the Am7910 FSK. The Am7910 FSK is a powerful chip which is actually a modem. Thus, I design a circuit into which I connected the Am7910. The result of this was a very 'clever' dumb modem!


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