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Along with all the benefits the modern way of life has bought a lot of problems.
The most serious problem is the environmental pollution; noise pollution, chemical pollution, sea pollution and atmospheric pollution.
This project deals with noise pollution, and especially with sound insulation.
The problem of noise pollution is not only restricted to industrial zones, but also to residential areas. The problem is more serious in multi-storey buildings, but also appears in common houses.
The sources of noise could be traffic, aircraft and the presence of human beings.
So the necessity for noise protection is obvious. Noise protection can only be achieved by specialized engineers and with the necessary equipment and material.
The object of this project was to measure the "Sound Insulation in Buildings Material". A lot of difficulties were faced and since the necessary laboratory equipment (especially the sound generator) was not available, the project became a theoretical one.
Efforts were made in order to take measurements by using a small transistor radio, but since frequency changes were impossible to be made, nothing actually was performed. During that experimentation the whole procedure was affected by the presence of external noises The need of a well-insulated is actually a necessity.
Although the above mentioned difficulties made the experimental part of the project difficult, it is correct to say that there was a wide knowledge gained.
a. Contact with experts on the subject.
b. Looking for relative information in Libraries.
c. Visiting places where high noise pollution exists.
d. Decision of what is going to be done.


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