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In cases that we are experiment with logic circuits we need some signals, voltages and indicators which are very usefull. The experimental logic board is an electronic construction that contains that basic signals, voltages and indicators.
The experimental logic board is very usefull when someone is experiment with logic circuits because he doesn't have to use many separate constructions but using the experimental logic board he has everything has needs in one construction.
A good Experimental Logic Board must contains the 5V dc supply for the TTL IC's and also the +12V dc for the CMOS IC's. A Square ware oscillator is needed for the clock and it must have variable frequency. A very low frequency (few Hz) in order to see what happens in the indicators and a high frequency {KHZ} in order to see the results in the oscilloscope. Some logic indicator which can be driven from small signals (TTL outputs) to show the logic "0" and logic "1". Seven Seqmend displays in order to see the output in the decimal form. Debounce swiches and terminals and sockets for the componets of the logic designs.
The operation of the experimental logic board must be easy to operate. Care must be taken with the supply voltage of the IC's and also the polarity of the supply voltage in order not to destroy them.


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