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The Stock Control term is very familiar to environments that handle vast amounts of items on permanent represents an integrated system that processes the stock by following a route of predefined activities and processes .The better the designing of the activities and processes the bettor is the processing of stock within the system.
The development ο£ computer hardware provided a powerful tool in the hands of Stock Control system analysts. Day by day the manual processes that were used, since the last decade, for handling of stock ace becoming computerized, efficient, highly reliable. The aim of today's Stock Control System analysis is to convert those manual processes and activities to be used in a computer environment.
The Pharmacy Stock Control System was developed almost from scratch to meet computer requirements. The processes and activities even not logically converted; physically they were changed a lot. With the help of today’s technology activities were turned to be time and cost effective. The overall reliability of the system was increased to maximum and the
system become much more profitable.
The uniqness of the presented project does not lies on the fact that manual stock control procedures were identified and turned to computerized ones but on the fact that specific pharmacist needs were also concidered and taken into account
for the development of the project. The result of this at-
tempt is a complete computerized -Stock Control System that satisfies the special requirements of Pharmacies environment.


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