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The Higher Technical Institute (HTI) Blood Bank system was
designed in response to the request by the Nicosia Blood
Bank and the system satisfies all their current needs and
caters -for both their present and future requirements. The Blood Bank System is mu1ti-purpose, multi-user system with a high degree of -flexibility built into it.
All the procedures and records in the past were documented and kept manually within the Blood Bank and our object was therefore to computerize all the necessary aspects from manual to computer system.
After detailed discussions and briefings with all the members and staff of the Blood Bank and after a period of 1 ½ years, with the willing and enthusiastic support of all the personnel and after repeated testings and modifications the system has been finally developed in order to satisfy each of their requirements. Before the Actual Development (ie. Coding and Implementation) of the Blood bank system was done, we performed a detailed initial study or investigation and then feasibility study to determine if the development of the Computer system was beneficial and probable or not.
The Blood Bank Computer System maintains and controls information regarding Blood donations, Blood Testing, Up-to-date Blood level, Blood Products Status, Inventory and Administrative concerns. The System can also provide a host of information, statistical as well as general that can be accessed instantly, making it possible for the Nicosia Blood Bank to provide better Service as well as helping the Blood Bank and its Auditors in improving their effectiveness in making critical decisions.
The Software development of the Blood Bank Computer System was carried out in Sculptor Language, which is a fourth generation programming language. At the onset of the coding phase of the project we had the option to perform coding in either: COBOL, DBASE III Plus or in SCULPTOR, the three programming languages we knew, of which three we then chose SCULPTOR to perform coding and development of the project in.


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